The Club awards (in alphabetical order) are:

Bob Broughton Award

For outstanding achievement in the VHF or UHF fields. The project may be a written article, a design, a project or any creditable achievement in VHF or UHF.

Boner Award

For the amateur who has made the largest or most classical mistake since April of the previous year. Nominations with the gory details will be most welcome and will provide the opportunity to “Name a Friend”.

Bunny Hunting Award

To the individual or individuals who have demonstrated their ability at mobile radio direction finding or who have contributed significantly to mobile radio direction finding.

HF Award

For the individual who has contributed significantly to amateur radio by their active participation in the High Frequency portion of the spectrum.

Home Brew Award

To the individual who has demonstrated technical skills in one or more of the following areas: Modification of commercial equipment including surplus gear. Equipment constructed from either personal design or non-kit design. Equipment constructed from a kit. (Note: This applies primarily to amateurs who have been licensed for two years or less. The age of the builder will be a weighting factor.)

Ken Hutchinson Award

For the individual who has exemplified the spirit of Amateur Radio by his/her participation in public service events.

New Ham Award

For the individual who has demonstrated a keen interest in the hobby by active involvement in Club activities in their first year as an amateur radio operator.

President’s Merit Award

Selected and presented by the President to the individual who has made the most significant contribution to the Club and to the cause of Amateur Radio.

Spouse’s Award

For the spouse of an amateur who has contributed to amateur radio by making any contribution of merit to amateur radio.

Ted Sacker Award

For the successful completion of a project or design which required in-depth technical research and dedication. Projects entered under the Home Brew category may also be eligible for this award.

Training Award

For the individual who has made the most significant contribution in the area of amateur radio training. The recipient need not be an active instructor.

Award Submissions

You may submit your nomination for any of these awards by emailing the NARC President through our contact form.

Please include all of the following details in your submission:

  • Award Name
  • Nominee’s First Name and Callsign
  • Your First Name and Callsign
  • A brief summary on why you are nominating the individual for an award