The Northern Alberta Radio Club has a combination of standing executive members and Special Interest Groups. Each of these groups is responsible for a different area of operations, communications or administration.

This page is to summarize the groups within NARC to help you find who you want to talk to about any questions or comments.

All of these groups are easy to contact through the main contact page.


The executive is responsible for the day to day operations of the club, including finance and club administration.


The operations group is responsible for operating the repeater network and physical site operations.

Public Service

This group is responsible for coordinating public service events and training.

Public Relations

Media requests and marketing fall under this group’s responsibilities.

Emergency Communications

The emergency communications group handles ARES and government interaction to provide emergency services by amateur radio operators.

Membership Chair

The membership chair provides day to day administration of the current members of the club, including collecting dues and contacting members about upcoming club meetings.


The webmaster is responsible for the website, calendars and other presence on the Internet.