Proposed Bylaws

Why do we need new Bylaws and Policies and Procedures?

For the past few decades, the Club has been run “top-down” with the Executive Board telling the membership what activities should be undertaken and directing the way in which the Club functions. In today’s world, this is an old-fashioned way of conducting business.

Add to this the need to attract new (and younger) members and we simply have to change the way that NARC functions.

What you will see with the new proposed Bylaws and Policies and Procedures manual is an attempt to do just that.

In summary, the day to day activities of the Club (paying the bills, keeping the records, maintaining the NARC site, arranging meetings etc.) will be looked after by four officers; President, Treasurer, Secretary and Operations Manager.

The membership will be encouraged to form ‘Special Interest Groups’ or SIGs tailored to the particular interest that people have. The officers are NOT going to suggest what these interests are. That will come from you as members. Some may be interested in digital radio, others in ballooning, some in having barbecues. There is no limit. There will be funding available to the SIGs. This has one very important requirement. For this to succeed, you as members of the Club will have to participate actively. Already, one SIG has been started, involved in Training but more will be needed if the Club is to thrive.

It is apparent that this Club needs to change direction. These documents provide the basis for doing that. There will be a motion at the annual general meeting in November to adopt these changes. Please read the documents and PLEASE attend the annual general meeting in November and cast your vote.

Note:  The working/draft versions of these documents are available below.  These draft versions are intended to assist members to determine where changes have been made.  Please beware that the drafts are “working copies” and may contain errors and/or omissions.

Bylaws (PDF - APPROVED at Nov. 18, 2015 General Meeting)

Proposed Policies and Procedures (PDF - Final Version)

Written on October 15, 2015