NARC supports several repeater sites in the Edmonton area.

The VE6HM repeater on 147.060- MHz (negative offset), in tandem with 444.100 MHz is named after C. Harris 4HM, VE4HM, VE6HM. VE6HM is also on 224.760 MHz & 53.430 MHz, all co-located at the VE6HM site.

The VE6JN repeater on 147.330 MHz is a linked site to provide extended coverage in the West parts of Edmonton.

The VE6UV repeater on 147.240 MHz is a linked site to provide extended coverage in the University and Central areas of Edmonton.

The VE6PLP repeater on 147.090 MHz is a linked site located near Pigeon Lake and provides coverage to the south of Edmonton into the Wetaskiwin area.

The VE6PLP-1 repeater on 444.2750 MHz is the link "hub" site located near Lake Wabamun and provides coverage to the west of Edmonton into the Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and Wabamun area.

The VE6TNC repeater on 146.610 MHz is located near Elk Island National Park and provides excellent coverage down highway 16 east to Vegreville.

We support a portable repeater on 147.015 MHz VE6NC (UHF 442.275+ MHz) and a 15-meter-high portable tower (NARCPAC), with an HF beam, HF dipoles, VHF and UHF antennas. It may be operated from a portable generator.

We support an IARU Beacon in co-operation with The Northern California DX Foundation NCDXF and the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) IBP. The call for the site is VE8AT in Eureka Nunavut.

Repeater System