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    What is your fusion room?

    Today i am monitoring fusion room FCS003/009 Alberta room. Some times i go over to the you tube room.

    What is your favorite room?

    I know the wires x repeater at ve6wxx is set to Cross Canada...
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    Welcome to Highvale

    Greetings stations

    As most know the Northern Alberta Radio Club recently purchased a tower and land on the south edge of Wabamun lake.

    Please post on this thread if you have information or...
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    Fusion operations

    Good Day Fusion operators

    Feel free to post fusion information here.. Just purchased a FT-70D and it is easy to see the need for good information.

    Wires x

    And so...
  4. Thread: d-star training

    by Ve6TdT

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    Re: d-star training

    Hi Jeff

    Sorry for taking so long to respond. I am looking how to get a reflector dedicated to Northern Alberta Radio Club. Also is km limited only to reflectors, or other type of i guess rooms....
  5. Thread: Auto tuner. HF

    by Ve6TdT

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    [WANTED] Auto tuner. HF

    Hi anyone have a tuner for sale?

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    DMR posts welcome.

    Feel free to add new threads (or posts). i have deleted out dated posts, but will not delete threads with good information.


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    Looking for Emitter links

    Good Afternoon All

    Anyone have links to Emitter newsletter? As most know the Emitter is the newsletter for Northern Alberta Radio Club. I found them to be full of useful information. If I can...
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    Ohhh Pac III is the trailer

    So Pac III is the trailer! Now I get it!


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    For your information

    Greetings stations

    This is Todd, Ve6TdT

    Working towards administrating the Forum. Once a few permission levels have been addressed you can send any concerns regarding this forum to me.
  10. Thread: Ham radio bingo

    by Ve6TdT

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    Ham radio bingo


    Are any hams interested in ham radio bingo? It would be run like a net..


  11. Thread: d-star training

    by Ve6TdT

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    d-star training

    Hi Stations

    Any plans for dstAR training? With my open spot more options are available. Now I have questions..


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    Antenna link for facebook

    Here is a group link for antenna building on facebook.


  13. Thread: 2 Posts total?!

    by Ve6TdT

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    Re: 2 Posts total?!

    That's why you backup your files.