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  1. Thread: Covid 19 net

    by Ve6TdT

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    Re: Covid 19 net

    If Quebec is closing shopping malls, will Alberta follow?

    If you are having trouble posting to this net, don't forget you have to answer the random question to continue. I will try to turn that...
  2. Thread: Covid 19 net

    by Ve6TdT

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    Covid 19 net

    I heard a net on hm tonight. Very good to hear our stations working for the greater good. Very impressed!


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    Re: CW Practice Reaources

    Any ham interested in CW

    You got to try Morse Mania

    It is an app

    --. --- --- --. .-.. . .. - .-.-.-

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    What is your fusion room?

    Today i am monitoring fusion room FCS003/009 Alberta room. Some times i go over to the you tube room.

    What is your favorite room?

    I know the wires x repeater at ve6wxx is set to Cross Canada...
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    Welcome to Highvale

    Greetings stations

    As most know the Northern Alberta Radio Club recently purchased a tower and land on the south edge of Wabamun lake.

    Please post on this thread if you have information or...
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    Fusion operations

    Good Day Fusion operators

    Feel free to post fusion information here.. Just purchased a FT-70D and it is easy to see the need for good information.

    Wires x

    And so...
  7. Thread: d-star training

    by Ve6TdT

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    Re: d-star training

    Hi Jeff

    Sorry for taking so long to respond. I am looking how to get a reflector dedicated to Northern Alberta Radio Club. Also is km limited only to reflectors, or other type of i guess rooms....
  8. Thread: Auto tuner. HF

    by Ve6TdT

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    [WANTED] Auto tuner. HF

    Hi anyone have a tuner for sale?

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    DMR posts welcome.

    Feel free to add new threads (or posts). i have deleted out dated posts, but will not delete threads with good information.


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    Ohhh Pac III is the trailer

    So Pac III is the trailer! Now I get it!


  11. Thread: d-star training

    by Ve6TdT

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    d-star training

    Hi Stations

    Any plans for dstAR training? With my open spot more options are available. Now I have questions..


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    Antenna link for facebook

    Here is a group link for antenna building on facebook.