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Thread: Programming Kenwood NX700

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    Programming Kenwood NX700

    Got kenwood nx700 now anybody know how to program it in DMR set up thanks 73.
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    Re: Programming Kenwood NX700

    The NX-700 is not DMR capable. It is however NXDN capable. NXDN is a digital voice protocol developed jointly between Kenwood and Icom. NXDN is not compatible with other digital voice formats like P25 CAI, DMR, D-Star, Or Yaesu Fusion. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me via email off the board at -va6ip-at-live-.-com(take the dashes out). I own a NX-700 and its companion portable the NX-200. I am very well versed in the programming of them and can probably answer any questions you have about them.

    Kiernan Va6IP

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