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Thread: Emergency generator 6500 Watt, tri-fuel

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    Emergency generator 6500 Watt, tri-fuel

    I'm selling my portable emergency generator for $350
    . It was originally bought for back up at our remote location and i remember paying about $1600 due to the tri-fuel option.
    It offers 6500 Watt @ 120 / 240 Volt 60 Hz. Even comes with electric start, just turn the key !
    Included is the special power connector. The generator was made to run on gasoline, natural gas or propane. Comes with the regulator and connection for a bar-b-cue propane tank and has a decent sized tank for gasoline.

    We only used it for about two hours. But since it has been stored for many years, some cleaning & maintenance might be needed. It has clean synthetic "all season" oil in it.
    The battery was removed years ago and a new (lawn mower) battery would be needed.

    I need $350 for the generator and I also have a full 100 pound propane tank for $100 more.

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    Contact Rene - VE6WCA at [email protected]

    NOTE: Since I would not want my wife to haul it, this generator will need to be picked up. Since we haven't used it in many years, we cannot provide any guarantees.
    Payment can be through PayPal ([email protected])

    I also have a small portable 900 Watt gasoline powered generator for sale, never used $100
    This one my wife can bring to Edmonton.
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