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Thread: various HF antennas and rotors for sale

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    various HF antennas and rotors for sale

    New wire antenna's for sale


    New, never used Van Gordon "All Bander" 134 ft dipole, comes with 100 feet of high strength ladderline $85.00
    Shipping by mail is $22 anywhere in Canada.


    The Barker & Williamson Broadband End-Fed Vee Antenna is designed for operation from 1.8 MHZ to 30 Mhz. The antenna comes fully assembled and pretuned so no measuring or cutting is required. It is all weather rated at 1KW PEP CW/SSB, complete with center support tower.
    NOTE: the center support consists of two 10 foot tower sections and a post to bring it up to the required 26 feet. $175 for all. This cannot be shipped., come & get it.

    K9AY antenna, $75, This is for the antenna and support only, no electronics is included. Come & get it.

    New antenna rotors for sale;
    CDE AR-22XL, 4 wire bell type, ideal for VHF or UHF antenna's, still new in the box with all the sealed parts, NOS $195.00

    New Zenith antenna rotor, ideal for VHF or UHF antenna's, still new in the box $145.00

    NOTE: Since I'm handicapped and for security reasons, we cannot offer pick-ups.
    However, my wife will come to Edmonton on April 18th and can leave the smaller stuff with our daughter for pickup after it has been paid for.
    Payment can be through PayPal ([email protected])

    Contact: Rene Matthijssen, VE6WCA by e-mail [email protected]
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