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Thread: VE6EMS Repeater moved to the VE6HM site

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    Smile VE6EMS Repeater moved to the VE6HM site

    Hello All, The VE6EMS BrandMeister DMR repeater is now operational at the VE6HM site and should be providing good coverage throughout the greater Edmonton area.

    Here's a blurb on the repeater from Randy VA6RC):

    DMR Brandmeister Repeater, VE6EMS.

    This repeater is using the Yaesu DR-1X Fusion Repeater.
    The TX output is 22.3W.
    The frequency is 442.2500 (+5).
    The Call Sign we're using is VE6EMS.

    The repeater is controlled by a Raspberry Pi Version 3B computer, interfaced to the repeater using a MMDVM-ZUM board mounted on an Arduino DUE single board computer. The Raspberry Pi is linked to the Arduino DUE with a USB cable. The Raspberry Pi runs the repeater control software called MMDVMHost.

    Repeater configuration as of Feb. 2, 2017:
    Repeater ID: 302602
    Repeater Callsign: VE6EMS
    Repeater City: Edmonton
    Repeater State: Alberta
    Repeater Country: Canada
    Repeater Frequency: 442.25000
    Repeater ColorCode: 1
    Repeater Offset: +5.000
    Repeater M/P: None
    Repeater Time Slots: TS1 TS2
    Repeater Trustee: VA6RC
    Repeater Network: Brandmeister

    The current status of the repeater can be seen at:

    Currently we have the VE6EMS repeater set up similar to the VE3YYZ repeater in Toronto, and you can check that site out at:

    The set up of the Channels for the repeater can be found at:

    Use of Reflectors is the same as described at this site. At the bottom of the page, there is a description on how to bring up the reflectors and it has been verified to work on VE6EMS. The Static (Permanent) Talk Groups on Time Slot 1 can be changed as required by the Repeater Admin. The Dynamic (On-Demand) Talk Groups can be used at any time by selecting the channel on your radio corresponding to the Talk Group you want to use and then do a Quick Key of the PTT, which makes the repeater connect to the Talk Group. You then listen for 2 minutes to make sure you are not transmitting over an existing conversation. You will only hear a conversation after the repeater synchs with the network after the connection is completed.

    I hear many people just push the PTT and start talking over top of an existing conversation and then say they never heard any one talking. That is because they did not Quick Key and then listen.

    I was checking the repeater status this afternoon (May 17, 2017) and I see someone was already messing around with the system by putting the repeater ID in their radio’s

    To program your radio correctly:

    Under General Setting/Radio Name: Your Call Sign.

    Under General Setting/Radio ID: Your 7 digit DMR ID.

    The DMR Brandmeister system keeps track of Repeaters which use a 6 digit ID and Users which use a 7 digit ID. Improperly programming your radio in the Radio ID field will cause problems in the Brandmeister System and Network. Also your friends will not understand what is happening when they see this illegal user ID on their radio’s screen. This would be the same as someone calling on an FM repeater and identifying themselves with the call sign of someone else instead of their own call sign.

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