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Thread: Obtaining US License

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    Question Obtaining US License

    Hi all!

    Slightly strange question: does anyone know of a reasonably convenient way to obtain a US amateur license? I have a Stateside address I can use, but (not surprisingly) there don't seem to be any upcoming test sessions in Canada (let alone Alberta) according to the ARRL website.


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    Re: Obtaining US License

    Russ, You do not need to get a US license to use your radio in the US. There is a reciprocal agreement between Canada and the US. While you only need a street address in either country to get a license, you do not need to have both to be able to work in both countries. There are just rules to acknowledge who you are and where you are transmitting from. To get your US license you would have to arrange with one of the US clubs to write the exam which would mean going to the US to do it.

    Perry VA6PTA

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