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Thread: 2x TPL Repeater Amplifiers

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    2x TPL Repeater Amplifiers

    For Sale are two TPL repeater amplifiers. These were acquired in an acquisition by my employer. We are not licensed to operate at the output levels these amplifiers are capable of producing and have no use for them.

    Model: PA6-1FE-RXRF
    Band split:400-512
    Mode: FM(Will work for DStar, P25, Fusion and DMR repeaters) These amplifiers are for Repeaters only and are designed to be placed between the transmitter and duplexer (or transmiter combiner)
    Voltage: 13.8v and will require some where between 20 and 30 Amps
    Input power: 25-40w
    Output power: 60-100w

    I believe both of these amplifiers are currently tuned to 440.2875MHz, but can be re-tuned to any frequency between 400-512MHz.

    These amplifiers list for about US$1686.43(CA$2100.20), Asking $1400 each OBO.
    I can be reached at: va6ip-at-live(dot)com these amplifiers are in the greater Edmonton area

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    This ad was posted by: va6ip Callsign: VA6IP Country: Canada IP Hash: 17712e71a0007d9bde6ee1cb677448d8
    To inquire about this listing, please contact the seller directly as specified in the ad.
    If no email address or phone was given, click HERE to send va6ip a private message.
    NARC assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of this listing
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