You can see what TalkGroups are Static (permanent) and which Dynamic ones are active by looking at the web site for the repeater:

If you go down to the Slot Details you will see that TimeSlot 1 has TG3026 and TG3100 in dark blue meaning they are permanent. TG311 is in light blue meaning it is only active during the scheduled time. If you put your cursor over the 311 icon, it will display the schedule in MST. The TG311 schedule was set up in support of the HamNation Net on Wednesday evenings. Any Gold icons indicate the Dynamic Talk Groups that are active.

You will notice that TimeSlot 2 has no permanent Talk Groups. It is mostly used for accessing Reflectors using TG9.

Information about VE6EMS is available at the NARC web site:

There is more current information in the Forums:
The Forums are good because as things change, the information can be updated here easily and others can ask questions here as well.