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Thread: DMR work shop

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    Smile DMR work shop

    CQ CQ CQ this is VE6TDT my name is Todd from Edmonton.

    Do you ever have DMR workshops? I find making a data plug to be challenging. To get a DMR id number is important, and the method has changed. But when you add the number to the radio it opens up the digital side of the radio.

    Goto to get your id number.

    Add me to your contact list my id number is 3020136

    I am trying to make contacts on 432.100 MHz

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    Re: DMR work shop

    Wow DMR Wow

    I have to say thanks to Randy VA6RC for all his help setting up my new DMR radio. I am amazed at the amount of information processed to get a contact. But i think it is worth the effort.
    The previous thread suggested setting up contacts in 432.100 MHz, That frequency i found on the "mapping of 70cm".. Any other suggestions?
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    Re: DMR work shop

    Sounds like a cool idea. I don't know that we have any DMR experts, maybe you'll be the first. I'm curious to know if DMR is the next big thing or if it will be a flop or just a partial success.
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