We at Quadnet have been working with the ARRL to bring digital voice into the mix this field day. Field day sites across the US and Canada will be using the Quadnet Array to keep in touch with each other, share stories about how things are going as well as coordinate HF digital voice activity. The story has been featured in amateur radio Newsline, the amateurradio.com newsletter and quite a few other media outlets. Stations have already begun testing their stations in preparation for field day and more are joining us on the Quadnet Array on a daily basis.

To take part in the event, stations will need to either route to one of the following smart groups, link to one of the reflectors in the array or on brandmeister DMR use talkgroup 31012. Everyone is welcome to what is turning into a much anticipated activity this field day.

The Quadnet Array consists of the following persistently linked Smart Groups, reflectors and DMR talkgroups:

Quadnet Smart groups:

DSTAR1 in New York
DSTAR2 in San Francisco
DSTAR3 in Ohio.


XRF757A in Atlanta
XLX049D in Northern Ireland
XLX307D in Wyoming
XLX735A in New York

Brandmeister DMR talkgroup 31012

If anyone has any questions feel free to either contact me directly or send an email to [email protected]

73 - Jeff VE6DV