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Thread: Group 302 on the Brandmeister

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    Group 302 on the Brandmeister

    Hi all DMR

    I know 310 is very busy, anyone use 302? For some reason my radio can easily get into that group. Not sure why. Should we make a group just for Northern Alberta Radio Club members?



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    Re: Group 302 on the Brandmeister

    1. This group is for Brandmeister so your comments are related to Brandmeister and not to the MARC system.
    2. On Brandmeister, I seldom hear anyone on Talk Group 302. Most of the traffic is on Talk Group 3026 (Canada English)
    3. We already have a Talk Group for use in this area and that is 302602. It is not limited to NARC only. Brandmeister have been opposed to generating new Talk Groups unless there is sufficient traffic.


    Randy, va6rc

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