I have received quite a few questions about accessing the Quadnet Array so I thought I would create a post that may help to explain the different ways you can join us on the air. There are several ways to get into the system. Those include Quadnet Smart Groups, D-STAR Reflectors as well as a Brandmeister DMR talkgroup.

To access the Array using the Smart Groups, you will first need a hotspot that allows routing such as the Nanospot, the Zumspot, etc. To configure your hotspot you can find the instructions under the getting started tab on the Quadnet website - https://www.openquad.net/start.php

Once your hotspot is setup and your router is configured for port forwarding, enter one of the linked smart groups into the your call field of your radio. The Smart Groups that are part of the Array are:

DSTAR1 in New York
DSTAR2 in San Francisco
DSTAR3 in Ohio
DSTAR4 in Alabama

For example, enter DSTAR1 into the your call field and key your mic. If everything is configured properly you should see the login message scroll across your screen. Once logged in leave the smart group that you selected in the your call field. If you change back to CQCQCQ you will be able to hear stations but they won't be able to hear you.

The next way to access the Array is to use one of the linked reflectors. Use this method if you have a hotspot such as the Openspot that does not allow routing or if you are using the ThumbDV by Northwest Digital Radio with the BlueDV software. You will also want to use this method if you are using a D-STAR repeater with the free ircddb add on installed. The reflectors in the Array include:

XRF757A in Atlanta - Link command XRF757AL
XLX049D in Northern Ireland - Link command DCS049AL
XLX307D in Wyoming - Link command DCS307DL
XLX735A in New York - Link command DCS735AL

Just enter the link command for the reflector you would like to use and key your mic. Once linked, change the your call field back to CQCQCQ and you are all set.

To access the QuadNet Array via DMR, you have a couple of options. The simplest option is to activate Talkgroup 31012 if you are connected to BrandMeisterís servers. If you are not, and you have access to DMRGateway, you can simply enable the XLX configuration and point it to XLX307. The XLXHosts file that comes with DMRGateway defaults to Module D, which is the module the transcoder is active on, so no further configuration should be necessary.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly, visit our website at www.openquad.net or send an email to [email protected]

73 and I look forward to hearing you on the air.

Jeff VE6DV