Hey gents,

I'm checking to see if anyone would be interested in non-functioning light towers for use as antenna support structures for home and portable use.

I know a place that has maybe up to 2 dozen light towers that are in one state of disrepair or another and they will be moving into their new building before November.

My idea is to remove the lighting equipment and either set up a battery bank with only a solar array, or get the generator going and have a controller that starts up the engine to recharge batteries as needed if I turn it into a portable repeater.

Your imagination is the limit to what you can do to one of these light stands so let me know if there is interest. I have no idea if I'll be able to set up a deal or how much they will cost so if you say you are interested I think that should mean that you have around $1000 to cover the purchase cost plus licensing fee for a new plate. Of course my hope is to get them for almost nothing so I'll be working to push the cost down to as low as possible.

Let me know if you are serious so I can go in with a good bargaining position. You can pm or respond here if you would be in if the total cost was less than, say, $500 or whatever your limit would be. The lower the price the worse the condition you can expect the stand to be.

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