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Thread: New repeater - ve6wxx

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    Cool New repeater - ve6wxx

    Hello All,

    I'm pleased to announce that VE6WXX is on the air.

    VE6WXX is a Yaesu Fusion II repeater (DR-2X) permanently tied to the WIRES-X system.

    For more info see:

    -- Ray --
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    Re: New repeater - ve6wxx

    Nice to see another digital voice repeater in the Edmonton area.
    73 - Jeff VE6EFR

    Proudly saving trees and postage costs by only QSL'ing via LoTW and eQSL
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    Re: New repeater - ve6wxx

    Good Evening

    So as I read it, you put in the node number?? right?

    Any favorite nodes?


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