I have the following items for sale:

  • Cushcraft 224WB 4-element 222Mhz yagi Antenna, condition very good to excellent.
    Asking $80

    MR9000ACY18 18-element 900Mhz (890-960Mhz) yagi, condition very good to excellent.
    Asking $40

    Directive Systems DSE1321LYRM 21-element loop yagi 2300-2350Mhz (13cm), brand new.
    Asking $100

Trades considered on other VHF/UHF weak signal and/or microwave equipment.

Weather permitting, I am planning on attending the Edmonton flea market on Feb 16, 2019 and will bring these with me.

Contact me via email: ve6mb at emailexpress.ca Photos provided upon request.

Tino, VE6MB
Calgary, AB
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