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Thread: M2 rotors & controller

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    M2 rotors & controller

    I have the following never used rotators and controller.

    1. M2 Orion OR2800 extreme heavy duty azimuth rotor. Asking $2000 (price from M2: approximately $2695cdn delivered)
    2. M2 MT1000 extreme heavy duty elevation rotor. Asking $3200 (price from M2: approximately $4395cdn delivered)
    3. M2 RC2800PRK dual AZ/EL controller unit (19" rack mount). Asking $3300 (price from M2: approximately $4695cdn delivered)

    I realize that these items are high end and pretty pricey. A package purchase would mean I will discount it to $8000.

    These items have never been used. They are brand new. The elevation rotator is missing 3 standard u-bolts. I believe that they were lost because the parts bag broke. These are very easily replaced for under. $20.

    I purchased these a few years ago with the intention of building a large h-frame array. But life got in the way and it never came to fruition. If you look on the M2 site you will see these items priced in American dollars. The extra costs would be the shipping charges, the exchange rate, and the GST taxes upon entering Canada. You will see that I have priced these extremely well compared with buying from M2. There is also the considerable waiting period to purchase these from M2 (approximately 3 to 4 months wait).

    I live 30 minutes west of Edmonton. These are available for viewing if you want. Cash or certified bank draft are the only forms of payment. Please message me here or call me at 780-910-4333 if interested, or if you have any questions.

    Thanks for looking.

    Andy VA6SZ
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