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Thread: Talking House AM Broadcast Band Transceiver

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    ***PRICE REDUCED*** Talking House AM Broadcast Band Transmitter

    I have a few Talking House transmitters for sale. You are able to record your own message with built-in mic or use an external mic (not provided) OR you can upload the audio from another device with the "Line In" jack. Comes with radio, power supply, wire antenna, an outside door lawn sign plus loads of .pdf's like the manual, schematic and how to make an external antenna (download the attached manual) with provided jack. At 100 mw, you can go a long way with the AM broadcast band of 540-1700 khz. I have heard these radios broadcasting up 3 km away in the winter while driving away in my car. Maybe this will be good for a beacon (just below 160 meters), sporting/club event or make your own mini radio station. You can see how they work with this video.

    Check out the company website I have too many of these radios so they must go. New price at $75 each.
    Call me direct 780-242-5229

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