Net Controller Training

What is a net and what does the controller do?

“Nets” in amateur radio are quite simply on-the-air gatherings of amateur radio operators (see the Wikipedia article on Amateur radio nets). Think of it as a moderated conference call. Typical nets are scheduled on a regular basis for information sharing or social exchanges. Nets, however, can also be established for special purposes such as events or emergencies.

To keep the net from becoming chaos one (or more) operator takes on the role of Net Controller. The net controller is the moderator of the net and is responsible for controlling how the net operates.

Upcoming Net Controller Training

To help expose more amateur radio operators to nets and to build a new team of net controllers we are holding a Net Controller Training session. This session is for everyone. Even if you aren’t interested in becoming a net controller at this time, this training will show you how nets operate, what good netiquette is, and how to operate a net (be the net controller).

The training session will begin on June 26 at 1900 with a 30 minute presentation on what a net controller is, what they do, and how they operate. We will then join the Tuesday net at 1930 to check in and see how it’s done. Following the net there will be a Q&A session for clarification and any lingering questions.

The training session is open to any amateur radio operator (not just NARC members).

Thank you to Gern (VE6KG) for leading this training.