The Northern Alberta Radio Club has established a Yaesu Fusion II repeater at its main Club site on the East side of Edmonton. The repeater uses the callsign VE6WXX and is co-located with the VE6HM analogue repeaters.

The VE6WXX repeater is permanantly connected to the Yaesu WIRES-X system and allows users to connect to WIRES-X nodes and repeaters world-wide. For more information on WIRES-X see:


  • 443.1500 MHz (+5)
  • CTCSS 100.0 Hz
  • DG-ID 01 (only for Yaesu Fusion/C4FM/Digital radios)
  • WIRES-X Node ID 33860
  • WIRES-X Room ID 43860

The WIRES-X system is running in “digital” mode, which means only those with a Yaesu Fusion transceiver can enjoy the system.

When the repeater is idle it is connected to the CQ-Canada room (40678).

If connected to another node/room, the VE6WXX machine will drop the connection after 30 minutes and return to the CQ-Canada room.

Usage Notes

  • Limit your PTT time to under 3 minutes. The WIRES-X system has a built in 3 minute PTT timeout.
  • Leave long gaps between transmissions. Since the communications flow takes place over the Internet (where there may be lag/delay), it’s important to “leave room” for other stations that may want to join the conversation.
  • After you press your PTT, take a breath and then start speaking. A slight delay after PTT is required to overcome Internet lag/delay times. If you PTT and speak without a slight delay, the first portion of your speech will NOT be heard at the destination.

At this time the WIRES-X operation is functional with Yaesu Fusion (C4FM digital) radios ONLY. Those of you with conventional analaog FM radios will NOT be able to use the WIRES-X network.

If you own an older Yaesu transcever with a WIRES function, neither WIRES or WIRES-II will work with a WIRES-X station.

Enjoy the system!