The Northern Alberta Radio Club serves Edmonton, Alberta and area. NARC operates a number of repeaters in and around the Edmonton area. The VE6HM repeater is located at the NARC site to the East of the City. Here is the map to the NARC site. We meet at the NARC site each Tuesday during the VHF net at 7:30 PM. Come and join us, we would be delighted to have you drop in. There is coffee served and someone often brings some goodies.  We are very involved in Amateur Radio and would like to encourage you to join our organization. We have many projects on the go. We are very active in ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) and work with the many First Responder Agencies in the Edmonton area in a very effective way.

Club meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month except June, July, August and December. Meetings are held at 19:30 local time, at the Best Western Cedar Park Inn, 5116 Gateway Boulevard, Edmonton, Alberta T6H 2H4.

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Why has the site changed again?

Simply put, we felt it necessary to split the site back into two main parts.  The first part (where you are right now) being all about NARC; our past, present and future.  This part of the site is a lot of static information which will change fairly infrequently, but it will be the go-to place for anything about the club and our resources.  

On the flip-side, the other part of the site (the forums) is all about our members, our community and interactions with the club and other members.  This second part is a dynamic and constantly changing collection of conversations, powered by you!  We realised that a forum-based section does that well and from our past use of vBulletin, we know that it's accepted broadly by our members.  vBulletin is an eloquent forum solution, written specifically to do one thing and one thing well, with very little overhead.  We trust that you'll find it intuitive and responsive to use.

This current site incarnation is all very plain!

Well, yes, we agree.  Lots of pretty graphics may look nice, but we think it's the content that makes a site.  We believe it's more important to make sure the information is there before looking at ways to spruce it up.  But rest assured a spruce up will occur, maybe several times, so please for the moment, avert your eyes and pretend that it's a pretty web site (and maybe one day it will be!)